Created in 2004 by Véronique de Folin, the gallery Le Voleur d’Images shows modern and contemporary photography, with a special focus on the quality of the print and the aesthetics of the image. Exhibiting a wide variety of prints, whether old or modern, the gallery displays cyanotypes, carbon prints, palladium, selenium prints or baryta prints as well as digital prints made on a diversity of materials – cotton paper, aluminum or plexiglass, etc. Representing famous or not-yet-famous artists, the gallery works with collectors, museums and institutions.

As a natural consequence, the gallery has also created a publishing line, with its own entity, Les MétéoresAtacama, an Andean desert (2004), India, dream of stone, special price of the Académie des Beaux-Arts for a photography book (2006) as well as a limited edition of prints in a special box (50): Himalayas, the vertigo of gaze in 2007.